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“That the people of Parkway will be a vibrant faith community that is a present, active and
positive influence in our neighborhood, city and world.”



We are committed to honoring Jesus Christ and giving Him our sincere worship. He will be the center of our lives and is the head of our church.

Bible Based

We are committed to the Bible as the foundation of our faith and practice both corporately and individually. Because the Bible is foundational, we will be faithful to teach it both accurately and relevant to the culture in which we live.

Grace Filled

We are committed to being a place of grace, hope and restoration where people are loved, valued and accepted. We will seek to reflect God's grace in all we endeavor to do.

Community Oriented

We are committed to being a vibrant faith community where people are growing in their walk with God, offering authentic worship and Christian living, and serving with gladness. We will commit to building a sense of community through corporate worship, small group experience, hospitality, mentoring, discipleship and other initiatives, where we value: corporate worship, Biblical teaching, servant leadership and sacrificial service.

Outreached Focused

We are committed to being a present, active and positive influence in our neighborhood, city and world. We will intentionally seek to be apart of our neighborhood where we will demonstrate the love and light of Jesus through the power of the Holy Spirit. We will love our neighbors in practical ways and seek to bring people at home and abroad into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Ministry Driven

We are committed to having every member equipped and involved in ministry. We see ourselves as servants of Jesus Christ among our family and peers, in our homes, schools, workplace and wherever we may find ourselves.

What We Believe

Parkway Bible Church has been a part of The Associated Gospel Churches of Canada since our inception in 1958.  Click here to read our Statement Of Faith.

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